Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black & White Travel Photos

I'm not a professional photographer, I do not have a black and white camera and yes, I may have enhanced some of these with Photoshop. But sometimes color just doesn't capture the drama of scene; and sometimes draining out the RGBs and CMYKs just looks cooler. For cities like London and San Fran, where a gray day is as common as a gawking tourist, it's almost natural to view the cityscape through fog-colored lenses. 


Broken Down Chevy
Turquoise Trail, New Mexico - October, 2011

Hanging Race Car
Munich, Germany - February, 2012

A Game of Chess
Salzburg, Austria - March, 2012

Gargoyle's View
Paris, France - September, 2010

Munich, Germany - March, 2012

Eiffel Tower Evening
Paris, France - September, 2010

Portland Head Lighthouse
Cape Elizabeth, ME - September, 2011

Golden Gate Fog
San Francisco, CA - June, 2011

Who Needs a Cell Phone?
London, UK - March, 2011

Tower Bridge
London, UK - March, 2011

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