Monday, November 21, 2011

Get on our WiTList

Wherever it Takes (WiT) Lists aren't top tens, top fives or top anythings. They're simply lists of places, people, experiences, things, bars, drinks, food, festivals - stuff, stuff that inspire the stories we all love to tell when we come home from a great trip.

Each list will grow from Monday through Friday, a new item on the list posted each day to the blog. Twitter will let you know the WiTList's topic for that week and the latest item put on it each day. But the blog will have a more detailed, albeit succinct description of why it made the list. On Friday check back to for the whole list.

We're asking for your suggestions too! Just send your favorites for that week's topic to @WhereverItTakes on Twitter and/or #WiTLists

I'll be adding reader suggestions to the blog as they come in. So send them along and tell us your story!

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